Application of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is applicable to the websites, App, incidents and other services operated by SweetRing. For convenience sake, said websites, App, incidents and services are hereinafter referred to as the “services” collectively. Specifically, the link of the Privacy Policy is added into all applicable services.

Some of the services might be subject to the privacy policies exclusive for them. Where any specific service shall be subject to its exclusive privacy policy, the exclusive privacy policy (rather the Privacy Policy herein) shall apply.

I、Information Collected by SweetRing

In order to help you develop interpersonal relations that make sense, we need your personal information and the information about the types of counterpart you wish to know. Accordingly, you will provide the contents we need and you also agree following the directions given by the interface provided by us, and also agree to our profiling of your information. Please note that we will comply with the GDPR and avoid profiling of any sensitive issues (e.g. ethnics, political affiliation, religious belief and sex orientation). When you access our services, by yourself o via a third service provider, we will collect the information about your access to our services (including your access logs and login/access to social media). We hereby provide the details as following.

Information provided by you to us

When you access our services, you will provide us with the specific information including:

Information accessed by us from others

In addition to the information you provided to us, we will also access the information about you from others, including:

II、How SweetRing Uses Your Information

Your information will be used to provide and improve our services and also to protect your account security and provide you with the advertisements you will be interested in. The following refer to the various causes with which the use of your information will be notified to you:

III、Whom SweetRing Shares Information With

We aim to help you establish the interpersonal relations that make sense. Therefore, we will share your user information with other users. We also might share some of your information with other partners or advertisement suppliers, and even regulatory authorities, e.g. for the purpose of industrial analysis and demographics, etc..

We share your information with the third parties falling in the following categories:

Before working with any service provider or partner, we will conduct the strict review procedure. All of our service providers and partners shall agree to perform the non-disclosure obligation with due diligence.

In the event of merger (in whole or in part), sale, acquisition, investment withdrawal, reorganization, reshuffling, dissolution or bankruptcy of the Company or changes of the Company’s ownership or control, we will post the related public announcement, and transfer your information upon notifying you via the email address recorded by you.

We may disclose your information per the requirements under laws and insofar as it is necessary and reasonable:

IV、Your Rights

We hope that you may control your information independently and, therefore, provide you with the following tools:

We hope that you may verify your right of privacy. Please bear in mind the following notes:

In order to protect all of our users and you, we will ask you to provide your ID and then respond to said requirements.

Please do bear in mind that we might reject your requirement with causes, including illegal requirements, or infringement upon business secrets, intellectual property rights or other users’ privacy.

Meanwhile, we might not be able to satisfy some requirements objecting the processing of personal information, particularly, the objection which will result in our failure to provide you with the services. For example, if we don’t have your date of birth, it will be impossible for us to provide you with our services.

V、How SweetRing Protect Your Information

SweetRing has implemented appropriate safety measures to protect and prevent the information controlled by us (including your personal data) from being changed, disclosed or destroyed. Our technic experts in SweetRing will make every endeavor to ensure that you may access our services safely.

Notwithstanding, though we will take preventive measures to prevent any potentially existing bug from hacking our services, it is impossible for us to commit that, and you should not expect that, your personal information will be safe and free from any concerns all the times.

Should we suspect or discover any violation of the security rules, we may suspend you from the access to the services, in whole or in part, without prior notice. Should you consider that your account or information should be no longer safe, please notify us here immediately.

VI、Expiry Date of Information Kept by SweetRing

We will keep your personal information only insofar as it is permitted by laws. In order to protect users’ safety in the duration of, or upon, access to our services, we adopt the policy requiring that where you fail to log into your account for more than 30 months, we will delete or anonymize your account information, unless:

Please note that even if our system may delete the information based on said rules, it is impossible for us to guarantee that all information may be deleted within specific time limit, given the limitations in technology.

VII、Child Privacy

Our services are only applicable to users of 18 years old or more. We do not allow users under 18 years old to access our platform, and will not knowingly collect the personal information of users under 18 years old. Should you suspect any user under less than 18 years old, please report your concern to us via Contact Us or the complaining mechanism in the services.

VIII、Cookie Policy

Cookie refers to the small-size data file transmitted to the computer drive, which usually includes the name of domain generating the Cookie (network location), “period of retention” of Cookie (namely, the expiry date), and special numbers or similar ID generated at random. Cookie might also include the information about your equipment (e.g. local setting, search history, and action taken when accessing to our services).

The cookies collected by us enable us to verify how the users interact on SweetRing and thereby help us produce better products for you. Cookies store the information about the websites you surf, and identify you and your preference whenever you visit SweetRing. They help us provide you with better services.

Basically, the use of Cooke and local storage device on SweetRing is subject to the functions of websites on SweetRing, e.g. analysis function, which may help us verify the functions of our website and warrant users the successful and non-interrupted experience.

The following table interprets cookie functions on SweetRing and how to use them.

Where you do not desire to store all SweetRing activities with any cause, you may change the settings in your browser and mobile device to stop Cookie and the local storage device. Notwithstanding, the change of settings might degrade the quality of surfing on the website. Under certain circumstances, you might even find that you will not be able to access our website, in whole or in part.

We use the following types of Cookie:

Our use of Cookie and local storage device (including specific Cookie name) might vary depending on elapsing of time, but usually will be included into said types. We will notify you of any material changes in our use of cookie and local storage device. Please visit the page periodically to help you verify any changes.

Should you wish to know more about cookies, including flash cookies/local storage device, the following websites will provide you with helpful information:

IX、About Us

SweetRing is operated by The Company’s address is:

12F., No.37, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Da-an District,

Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Should you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, you may send a mail via, or to said address.